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Tainui waka whakapapa

tainui waka whakapapa One traditional name for the Manukau is Te. Due to our mana whenua status as Ng ti Hinerangi Iwi the evidence presented in this document is based on our whakapapa and history to Ng ti Hinerangi Iwi. Taupiri Maunga is a sacred mountain to Waikato Tainui and is defined in the tribal pepeha tribal identity written above. The registration forms are available from the R nanga office. Aug 18 2019 In M ori traditions the Tainui waka was commanded by the chief Hoturoa. Hoturoa was the captain of the Tainui waka is also the father of Kahukeke. The name Waka certainly suggests a connection with Nene. Kia Ora my name is Pianina and I am one of the Environmental Youth Leaders for Para Kore Ki T maki. You must be able to affiliate to one of the 33 Hapuu and one of the 68 Marae listed on page 2 of this form through whakapapa. Are you moving house Please tell us if you still want to receive posted newsletters if you have changed address. Maori believe that the North Island is Te Ika Talks about her Waikato Tainui whakapapa and her education at the University of Canterbury where she majored in te reo M ori and M ori and Indigenous Studies and the in M ori memories sound recording golden moments of M ori entertainment. co. WHEN the Tainui and Arawa canoes were ready to start from Hawaiki from the beach of Whenuakura and after all had been arranged Tama te kapua Tia Oro Maka and Hei returned to take farewell of their old father Tuamatua and his son Houmai tawhiti. The Waikato Tainui iwi are the kai tiaki guardian of the Kiingitanga. Presenter Daryl Gregory. Ruahuihui Heemi He. Hukanui marae is located in Gordonton approximately 15 km northeast of Hamilton. I am researching my whakapapa and interested in learning about Tainui history. Ko Tamahunga te maunga. Tapuika. his left hand depicts not only Ng ti Manipoto 39 s Whakapapa kinship links nbsp 25 Sep 2014 The traditional lament 39 Haere ra e hika 39 contains the line 39 ko te waka i hiia ai te whenua nui nei e Ngati Kahungunu Te Aitanga a Mahaki and Tainui Waikato through Mahinarangi. M ori society and structures The spiritual connection derived from whakapapa through our links with the various Atua i. G. At that time there was a fairly large population of quot Tangata whenua quot who were of a peaceful and friendly disposition. Te. e has no time for anthropologica claiml thas tribat l Covers all the west coast from Kawhia to Wellington. I will then conclude with my Parents lineage outlining the relationship between my mother and father. In the 1815 39 s a movement was setup to appoint a M ori King who would unite the tribes and protect further lands from sales and make laws for M ori to follow. 231. Te mahi raupatu Te mahi raupatu o nga whenua E kore mahi mo te iwi whanaui Kimihia te huarahi tika kia kaha ra. Waikato Tainui Te Pua W nanga ki te Ao University of Waikato Synopsis This paper is a preliminary report on an ongoing research begun in 1999 into the question Sep 25 2014 Porourangi married Hamoterangi and together they had three children. about 1150. Genealogy 2019 3 32 6 of 14 4. Dec 02 2014 Hoturoa is the captain of the Tainui Waka Tamatekapua is the Captain of the Te Arawa Waka Potatau te Wherowhero was the first Maori king and paramount chief of Tainui. Captain of Tainui Waka who landed in Kawhia on the West Coast. 6 The M ori Fisheries Act 2004 states that the settlement quantum is based in part on the notional iwi population This was particularly so as Waka Ama was well and truly part of the whakapapa genealogy of Te W nanga o Aotearoa . Paimarie taiga Hoturoa Barclay Kerr Tainui is the captain of the oceangoing waka Haunui. Ko Ng ti Whakatere Tainui t tahi o ng hap o Ng ti Raukawa. They were known as the K hui Ao K hui Rangi K hui P and K hui Atua collectively called Te K hui Maunga. Aug 06 2020 He won t use the kupu tikanga as he is reluctant to say these are so since whakapapa is such a personal thing for those whom are M ori. The Tainui Waka Alliance includes Waikato Tainui Hauraki Ngati Raukawa and Ngati Maniapoto the four main iwi that whakapapa to descend from the Tainui canoe. 1300 is considered the approximate time of arrival of the third migration from Hawaiki. This is located at the Southern end of Ng ruaw hia. M ng whakapapa e moko About genealogy grandchild Waka. Tuaupiki J. In 1827 Te Rauparaha made his moves chiefs and warriors from the Tainui Taranaki alliance were re assembled for a first assault on the strongholds of Kurahaupo in the Te Tau Ihu and of Ngai Tahu I roto hoki i r w ka whakat ria e ia ko ng w nanga hei whakarauora i ng tikanga me ng karakia tawhito o Tainui waka. B. Read More . 15 Nov 2010 This waka confedera tion originates from Polynesian migrants who arrived in New Zealand on the Tainui waka which voyaged across the nbsp Criteria for enrolment. For some in averaging generations back to waka migration this method For example the following whakatauk helps to identify the tribal boundary for the Tainui confederation Waikato Raukawa Maniapoto and Hauraki . Tuheitia whakapapa Tuheitia whakapapa Ko nga waka taua e arai ana ki nga takiwa o Tainui waka mai rano. Dr H mi Whaanga is an associate professor in Te Pua W nanga ki te Ao The Faculty of M ori and Indigenous Studies . Register you and your whaanau now. In order to do this we need your help. I congratulate that roopu 100 they would have done Tainui Proud. between the Patuone family Ng puhi and Tainui through Ng ti Paoa to the Kahui Wi Waka Turau however was present with Nene and Patuone at a nbsp 16 Apr 2014 Whakapapa connections developed over many generations and hundreds Ko Tainui te waka ko R ruaioio te tangata ko Ng ti R rua te iwi. 993. Ngati Awa Ngati Kahungunu Ngati Porou Ngati Toa Rangitane Rekohu Tainui Taranaki Te Arawa waka Te Ati Awa Te Moana a Toitehuatahi Te Moana o Raukawa Te Tai Hau a new zealand history the Maori arrival. The Kiingitanga was established in 1863 to unite iwi and halt land alienation. The Waikato people call this sign Te Waka o Tainui. The primary hap for this marae are Ng ti Te Weehi and Ng ti Mahuta. Ko Tainui te waka Ko Hoturoa te tangata. There is still a large rock on the shore there which was the anchor stone of Tainui. Moana Hauraki Gulf on its arrival from Hawaiki by first conducting it on a tour. Download printable registration form non editable PDF Jun 15 2011 i am from Kahungunu and living in wellington and for the last four years you have been treating the kaumatua in your roopu like kid s and belittling the kaumatua of Tainui. Protecting our Whakapapa starts with you Kei te tuakana e Roi whakangaro atu raa SmearYourMea ProtectOurWhakapapa Manaaki20 Ko Waikato Te Iwi Ko Tainui Te Waka Wharewhare Pepeha bingo card with moana Tainui iwi Whenua land Putauaki maunga maniapoto iwi Tapuika hap Mataatua waka Ngapuhi iwi P hara marae and Maunga Kawa maunga Bingo Card Generator Bingo Cards Help Login Sign Up 12 hours ago A well known haka written in 1992 by the late Ngapo Wehi Whakat hea Ng i T hoe Te Wh nau a Apanui Ng ti Kahu Ng puhi and performed by his roopu Te Waka Huia identifies how strong muscular and fit our bodies were and the healthy kai we ate N mua i te taenga mai o tauiwi m ina te pakari o te tinana M ori e the Waikato Tainui Treaty settlement landscape and a potential framework for collaboration based on a Waka Hourua model. located behind the Maketu Marae Ko Ng ti Koata te Iwi. Ko Sheryl Takiari ahau He Maioha He Whakapapa He H tori. Included are whakapapa tables of Turi of the Aotea waka Hoturoa of the Tainui waka Kupe of Matahoura waka and Paikea of Horouta waka. Kawhia history Kawhia history In text The coming of Te Arawa and Tainui waka from Hawaiki to New Zealand 1893 Your Bibliography Journal of Polynesian Society 1893. Identify your iwi. Contact Us. And I know that Tainui and Te Arawa are connected and related. The Tainui waka was named for an infant who did not survive childbirth. Some of these lists are arranged by iwi and some by geographic region. He paddles waka sails waka teaches waka. Hoturoa was born in Hawaiki nbsp K whia is the place where the ancestral waka canoe Tainui landed for the last time so it is sacred to the Tainui people. For Ngati Maru and descendants of the Tokomaru waka. Tuheitia was 10th in descent directly from Hoturoa the Navigator of the Tainui Waka. nz General Enquiries email. Whakapapa whanau. I specialise in contemporary T moko the art of Maori tattooing and Toi The whakapapa is the thread that weaves the hap together to form the iwi . MISSION To deliver quality kaupapa Maaori health and wellbeing services to all people living in the rohe of Tainui waka so that they are empowered and able to thrive and prosper. Whakapapa. Heeni a Tainui elder remembers. 14K views 12 years ago middot Tenei te Tangi Tenei te Karanga Basic Mihi and nbsp 7 Mar 2019 Tainui Waka Tourism Tainui Waka Tourism is the entity here that supports cultural tourism ventures here in the Waikato. File Tainui whakatauki In practice two generations of whakapapa for the Waikato Tainui parent is considered sufficient. Rakataura High priest on Tainui. Aitken L. 1400. This also means that Maruwharanui and his siblings were To commemorate her coronation day Ngaati Pikiao host their annual Poukai. The marae is set where Tainui Waka landed and the waka itself is buried nbsp The standard employs the widely used kinship hierarchy of waka iwi hap and In practice two generations of whakapapa for the Waikato Tainui parent is nbsp 24 Apr 2015 2 A collaborative group of marae that affiliate to the Tainui waka. Ngaa Rauru Jul 27 2020 Whakapapa Research at Hocken Collections Hocken is a reference only research library archive and gallery. Reply Delete Each iwi has their own hap sub tribes . A copy of the presentation and the key themes and outcomes of these engagement hui are attached at Appendix 4 and 5. Raukawa was a descendant of many t puna. It is also a confederation of 5 iwi made up of hapu of the Haua Hauraki Maniapoto Raukawa and Waikato who are located within the rohe of Tainui waka. In 1972 the building of a waka taua war canoe was commissioned by Maaori Queen Te Arikinui Te Atairangikaahu to be part of the Kiingitanga fleet. Sep 24 2020 Waahi marae connects to the Tainui waka the maunga Taupiri and the awa Waikato. org. 1983. Tainui was captained by Hoturoa and was finally hauled ashore to rest between the two pillar stones of Puna and Hani in K whia. I refer to the whakapapa for Ng ti Hinerangi Iwi Raukawa Iwi annexed as Appendix 1. Koata. According to the 1874 census Ngati Te Wehi were registered as an iwi. WHAKAPAPA nbsp Figure 5 Whakapapa of Kinonui Ng ti Ranginui side Stokes 1992 p. This degree is offered at Waikato Tainui College for Research and Development in partnership with Te Waananga o Raukawa. and that Toi settled at Whakatane some 200 years later i. 19 May 2012 This Waitere Whakapapa website is a taonga or my treasured gift to to the Aotea amp Kawhia Harbours right back to the Tainui waka arrival at nbsp Waka Tainui. and that Toi settled at Whakatane some 200 years nbsp The Tainui Waka landed at Kahurere and Rakataura married. Waikato Tainui was the first iwi to reach an historial Treaty of Waitangi settlement with the Crown for injustices going back to the 1860s. Ko Mangapu te Awa. The key here is to make connections by using taura whakapapa links to connect manuhiri to you and your marae so that they feel welcomed wanted and part of you the occasion. Ko Tainui te Waka. october 13 Masters in Maatauranga Maaori graduation. Te Moananui O Toi te Pataka Nui. 78 _ 37 . From the 2008 election the Hauraki Waikato electorate replaced it. College for waiata historical stories and whakapapa. Through the second marriage between Tamatuna and Tainui many nbsp He surfaces some six generations after the Tainui waka landing and a further six There are many tribal whakapapa which relate back to Toi Te Huatahi or nbsp Hoturoa Barclay Kerr Tainui is the captain of the oceangoing waka Haunui. Kei ng maunga whakah ng tai mihi t ngata ng awa e rere nei ng mana whenua toit ki a koutou. Ko Te Arawa te waka Ko Matawhaura te maunga parent line and whakapapa Tainui M ori Trust Board 1995 9 . Hone Waka also captained the North Shore a schooner of 19 tons owned by Patuone this vessel having been purchased by Patuone for 290. Marutuahu and Waikato sections of the Tainui Waka share customary and traditional interests over a substantive area of land and waterways. This is very meaningful w hi for our people of Tainui whakapapa lines. Toa Koata and Rarua had been forced to abandon their lands around Kawhia Harbour in 1821 by their better armed Tainui cousins Waikato and Ng ti Maniapoto. Ko Rereamanu te marae. The Tainui waka was launched again at Mokau where its anchor stone was left and it was sailed back up the coast to Kawhia where at Maketu it was finally hauled ashore to rest. Some of the better known waka or canoes are AOTEA TAKITIMU MATAATUA TAINUI KURAHAUPO TE ARAWA HOROUTA NUKETERE. 29. writings on Rangi and Papa Tainui migration and Te Arawa waka Dates Whakapapa Genealogy Tainui te waka Hoturoa te tangata Ko Hotuope Ko Hotumatap Ko M tai Tangata Rau Ko Ue Tapu Ko Rakamamao Ko K kati Ko T whao Ko T rongo te matua o Raukawa Ka puta ki waho te tupuna Takihiku nana ko Tamatehura Feb 06 2014 The word whakapapa is best understood to mean genealogy the recording and reciting of family connections through the generations. Tawhao is a famous ancestor of the Tainui people. 1995. Muriwai Ihakara tells us the history of poukai and about the special whakapapa connection Ngaati Pikiao has to Te Whare Tapu o Pootatau from the marriage of their eponymous tuupuna Pikiaorangi to Rereiao of Tainui waka. Nov 09 2017 Email info whakapapa. Hoturoa is an important ancestor featuring prominently within the cultural memories of Raukawa. WHAKAPAPA AND IDENTITY He Whakauu i te Whakapapa me te Tuakiri It nbsp 23 Jul 2019 calling 0800Tainui emailing whakapapa Tainui. Whakapapa resources . Through his father T rongo his descent traces directly back to Hoturoa the captain of the Tainui waka. Tainui acknowledge Rakataura as the builder of the Tainui waka. 1992. Ancestral canoe. Raukawakawa is the sea. But The suggestion of Hone Waka being Nene s heir apparent is also an interesting detail. It was about time that we saw something decent from Tainui with the other roopu from Tainui. The waka was tied to this p hutukawa nbsp Includes story of the arrival of the Tainui waka canoe comamnded by Hoturoa history and whakapapa of Ngati Tahinga and Waikato and more extensive nbsp Notes to Whakapapa. His pa was at Aorere where he had considerable land interests. Although Auckland changed ownership a few times over the centuries. On one of his hikoi he went out towards Maungawhau Mt Eden and he looked down and could see the waka coming into the harbour and he did a karanga to them to welcome them onto the whenua. . O Regan 1992 p4 . Through his mother Te P oho traces his whakapapa to another co captain of the Tokomaru Ngararuru and also to important t puna of Tainui Aotea and K huitara waka. The wharenui is named Te Tuturu a Papa Kamutu. Ng ti Koata whakapapa back to Koata who lived near K whia in the 17th century. However when we went to Waahi Marae one of the Kaumatua from Tainui when scrutinising the plan of our house questioned why we had put Hoturoa on the doorway where you take off your The story of Ng ti Paoa has its origins in Tainui history. It is a direct. He and his fellow tribesmen decided to build a voyaging waka to escape the endless wars and food shortages. Dec 28 2011 Whakapapa is the most important asset Where are the main lines we know that they are still in existence can tuku whakapapa back to our tupunas who chose to have a king back in 1860. Purangi 1891 1991. Your foresight was the catalyst that brought many of our whanau together and for Whakapapa M ori pronunciation M ori pronunciation or genealogy is a fundamental principle in M ori culture. Waka o Neheraa The following are the principle Waka associated with Te Tairaawhiti Whakapapa and their aproximate arrival dates in Aotearoa. Waka. The Marutuuaahu tribes including Ngaati Whanaunga trace their descent to Tainui. Its principal iwi is Ng ti Wairere of Waikato Tainui. waikato tainui annual report 2014 Waikato Tainui Rangatahi Summit held at Turangawaewae Marae to foster leadership and rangatahi engagement in tribal affairs and activities. Ureia was said to have led the Tainui waka into the calm waters of Tikapa. M ori. 013 KEL . Ihenga the grandson of Tama te kapua discovered the Rotorua lakes region and is responsible for many of the place names we still use today. May 06 2020 Many canoes came to the shores of New Zealand and Chatham Island. Ko Maungatautari te maunga ko Waikato te awa ko Tainui te waka. Nau mai haere mai ki te kainga o Josh Paki T Moko. When this honour was bestowed upon us we do not whakapapa. The ridge he called from was named Karanga Hape or Karangahape. c. Kelly L. M nukanuka nbsp maintenance of Maori cultural identities via whakapapa knowledge using connections Tainui canoe and so claim Tainui lineage as our primary waka descent. Ka whakapapa atu a Ng ti Maniapoto ki te t puna Maniapoto t tehi rangatira o Tainui. The Waikato Tainui Iwi traces its roots back to the migration of the Tainui waka canoe captained by Hoturoa that voyaged from Hawaiiki across the Pacific Ocean to Aotearoa around 1350AD. It tells a story of the places and people you are connected to. Ka Whakah noretia a K ngi T heitia e noho mai r i runga i te ahurewa tapu o na m tua tipuna me t na whaea. question i was born and raised in the far north around cape kari kari with my father i am about to turn 21 and am about to get a moko down my right arm the tatooist is in the far north but my whakapapa is whakatohea witch is from my mums side further south my mum dont know much about the designs is it wise to go ahead with the tatooist in Registering our people is an ongoing project and will take several years to establish a comprehensive list of who whakapapa to Ng puhi. Whakapapa of these rangtira and others aboard the sagas of their journey and eventual establishment in northern Taranaki are preserved in tribal traditions. D. King Tainui waka history. Ng ti TE WEHI The Waitere whanau amp whanaunga have a unbroken line of decent amp occupancy through ancestor Te form. My Personal Whakapapa. Nga Iwi o Tainui The traditional history of the Tainui people nga koorero tuku iho a nga tuupuna. To get us Whakapapa History . 18. After a ten month stay in north Taranaki with relatives Ng ti Tama Ng ti Mutunga and Te Atiawa which was spent planting and harvesting crops hunting fishing and preserving foods the Toa chief Te Rauparaha led Te Heke This means that Te Whakakitenga o Waikato Inc. The issue of the Hekemaru and Heke i te rangi were a girl Paretahuri and two boys Mahuta and Paoa. Later the canoe was buried at Te Ahurei in K whia Harbour. Ko Tainui te waka Ko Hoturoa te tangata Tainui is the canoe Hoturoa is the man As this proverb implies Hoturoa was the commander of the Tainui canoe and the ancestor of the Tainui people. The below nbsp Tamainup is a well known 14th century ancestor of the Tainui waka people who first occupied the western coast land harbours of K whia Wh ingaroa nbsp Many years later saw the arrival of the Tainui waka with one the Kaihautu 39 s Leader 39 s descendants Welcome through the whakapapa of Ruawehea. Where both parents have a whakapapa link to one of the 33 hapu details are only required for one but applicants may opt to provide both. Tikanga Tainui Tikanga Whare Wananga Roa Tom. To register with Te R nanga Iwi O Ng puhi via the online registration form. waka Tainui. A special box was built near Ruawharo s bow seat. They are Hauraki Ngaati Maniapoto Ngaati Raukawa and Waikato Source www. Tainui Waikato . Whangaparaoa A view of Tihirau maunga from Te Haika o Tainui the landing place of the Tainui canoe nbsp 29 Jan 2017 Note the term t tai is used much more in Ng puhi than whakapapa. Te Toki Waka Hourua is committed to ensuring that the traditional knowledge and practices of ocean navigation remains alive by sharing and celebrating these skills with the community maintaining and sailing a fleet of training and voyaging waka and training the next generation of navigators and crew who will continue to keep these practices Whakapapa genealogy is a fundamental principle that permeates the whole of M ori culture. Whakapapa and M ori Writing While P keh researchers focused on counting generations back to possible waka arrivals M ori who had embraced literacy and writing began to commit their oral records to print McRae 2002 . Ng i Tahu means people of Tahu and all registered tribal members can trace their ancestry back to this man the tribe s founder Tahu P tiki. 013 WHA. Nov 07 2019 Our group led by Tainui Waka Tourism Chairperson Lee Ann Muntz Ngaati Koroki Kahukura and Secretariat Officer Craig Muntz are on a mission to reconnect indigenous cultures and create a lasting Noo reira i whakahuihuia e Waikato Tainui ngaa kaumaatua me ngaa maatanga reo o ngaa roherohenga o Tainui waka whaanui kia whakaritea teenei taonga hei whakautu i taa koutou karanga. Contains whakapapa tables. Apr 13 2019 Maniapoto Tainui. Nga Hapu o te Uru o Tainui is a west coast Customary Fisheries Forum which has been meeting on a monthly basis since 1999. M ori were expert hunters gatherers and growers. Today Raukura Hauora O Tainui continues to pursue this aspiration delivering health services to the people of the Waikato and Taamaki regions. But when I was pretty young we moved because my dad Whare became the principal of R toki District High School. They wove fishing Through his parents Ringahuri of Ng ti Tama Te Atiawa and Roka of Ng ti Rarua Marino also known as Te Pua Ringahuri was related to all three mana whenua iwi of Mohua Golden Bay after the Tainui Taranaki conquest 1828 1830 . A view of the maraeproper and the meeting house Taane i ti Pupuke at Waahi Pa Huntly In the 1980s only 10 per cent of the Maori population was based in rural communities. Below the whakapapa of Porourangi nbsp 6 Feb 2017 Waka Huia Episode 21 Part 2 of 6 . Ko Te Arawa te waka Ko Matawhaura te maunga Their father Robert has whakapapa ties to Ngaati Tipa and Te Kotahitanga Marae through his grandmother and says the whaanau are the children s greatest supporters. Maniapoto Waikato University and Waikato Tainui. Nov 22 2012 Tainui te waka Tainui the canoe a brilliant man who served as advisor to the K hui Ariki M ori quot M ori Royal Family quot and he also was the keeper of Whakapapa and From the south came the descendants of Tainui waka who had settled around the Waitemata Harbour. No reira tena kotou tena koutou tena koutou katoa Whitireia is the mountain. Anthony Te Uruhi Wihapi . TE AO M ORI. Whakapapa speaks to more than our relationships with each other it searching for Tainui 429 found 651 total alternate case tainui. Pupuritia Pupuritia te mana a o tatou tupuna Kawa rawa e tukua nga tikanga kia takahia E te iwi ke. Te H. Ko Ng ti Toa te iwi. Found in 1 Collection or Record D. 18 Aug 2019 About Hoturoa Captain of the Tainui Waka. Ng ti Toa are Tainui whakapapa waiata and carving. will need to provide the whakapapa details in your application form to the nominated Kaumaatua for review. Ng ti This is my journey in discovering my Whakapapa. Where both parents have a whakapapa link to one of the 33 hap details are only required for one but applicants may opt to provide both. Whakapapa whanau 2017 24 Access official resources from Carbon Black experts. Table T puna of Te P oho ki Te Rangi The earliest accounts associated with Taranaki iwi ancestors precede the coming of Taranaki to the western seaboard. High priest and commander of Tainui canoe. This means that Waikato Tainui Te Kauhanganui Inc. Waikato tainui mihi Waikato tainui mihi Te Tihi o Moerangi marae is located on the edge of Aotea Harbour at Makomako 21 km north of Kawhia township. As a young man Te Wherowhero was schooled in nbsp The interwoven whakapapa connections from mountain to the sea is reflected within his legendary feat of building a Waka beneath the waters of the Whanganui River. Ngati Haua Whakapapa Nov 09 2018 Te Arawa whakapapa to R t . Ko Whitireia te maunga. Maunga Mountain on your Island Awa river Moana ocean around your island Te Moananui A Kiwa Pacific Ocea Marae Your Village Iwi Tribe Ko Waikato Te Iwi Ko Tainui Te Waka Hoy a las 14 50 He whare tangata e ora ai te whakapapa Ka ora te whakapapa ka ora t e k kano i ruia mai i Rangi tea We re supporting the amazing kaupapa SmearYourMea spearheaded by kapa haka giant Talei Morrison who was laid to rest in 2018 Talei lived in Kirikiriroa and taught many of the Ko Waikato Te Iwi Ko Tainui Te Waka SMEAR YOUR MEA Protect our Whakapapa . Sections include land occupiers cemetery records school rolls 1901 1948. Te Wherowhero 39 s whakapapa connected him to all of the major waka from which M ori trace their descent. A Kuia no Ngati Kauwhata me Ngati Haua ki Waikato Moahuia Emery was approached. Whakapapa Club Forums to help you when finding whanau tracing tupuna and any other whakapapa related questions you may have. Te P oho s father is a direct descendant of Tamaariki co captian of the Tokomaru waka. She had two sons K wharu and Te Wehi founder of Ng ti Te Wehi . We need you to ensure your details along with the details of your whaanau are correct and up to date so we can keep you informed about services and information pertinent to you as a tribal member. Later his descendants travelled inland and populated the area from Mokau to Auckland and from the Hauraki Gulf to the West Coast. I te tau 1844 ko te iwi o Ngapuhi e uru atu ki te whawhai ki ngaa Pakeha kei roto i rohe o Tamaki Makaurau. About. MANA. There are four principal tribes that descend from the Tainui waka Hauraki Ngaati Maniapoto Ngaati Raukawa and Waikato. j. The last surviving close friend of the late Princess Te Puea tells her remarkable life story in her own words. I roto i ng rautau i muri mai i te nga o Tainui waka me ng t puna i tere mai i te waka ka t mata ng t puna te m toro haere i te whenua hou me te whakanoho i ng r tou wh nau. Bay of Plenty Te Arawa waka Whakapapa is at the heart of who M ori are as a collective. It is a proverb that highlights the boundaries of the Tainui waka from M kau River above to the Tamaki Isthmus below. Ko Kohanga te Urupa . 7 Jun 2003 He was the son of Rereahu direct descendant of the Tainui Waka. Lake Pupuke. TAPU. Waitere whanau amp whanaunga are direct descendants of Hoturoa TAINUI WAKA amp Turi AOTEA WAKA with ancestry lines also to KURAHAUPO WAKA TE ARAWA WAKA MATAATUA TOKOMARU TAKITIMU MAATAA HOURUA KAHUITARA amp HOROUTA WAKA 39 S. One of the foundations of wh nau is whakapapa which has great importance in M ori society. I spent a lot of time in K whia and Taharoa on the southern side of the K whia Harbour. The canoes that Maori have been thought to have arrived in traditionally gave rise to the different tribal groupings the genealogy of Maori culture derives from each canoe of their ancestors. 128 Hingaia Road Karaka Ph 09 930 7823. On its voyage the Tainui stopped at many Pacific islands eventually arriving in New Zealand. Ko Waikato Te Iwi Ko Tainui Te Waka Today at 11 00 AM Last year we caught up with Gail Manaakitanga Langi Wikaire Te Papa o Rotu Marae who shared with us her journey and story of how our tribal initiative Mokopuna Ora is helping her get her tamariki back. R NANGA. 9 Karena and Kasey Bird lost their Nan to cervical cancer she wasn t able to follow her moko on their journey. Ng ti Te Wehi or Ng ti Te Weehi is a M ori iwi tribe based in Kawhia on the west coast of New Zealand 39 s North Island. The Arawa tribe takes its name from this great ancestral canoe. Discover Mt Ruapehu during summer or winter Ride the country 39 s most advanced gondola Sky Waka high above the beautiful world heritage listed mountain area all year round. As I always say whakapapa is about whanau and having aroha for each other and meeting our whanau and having a happy life. Meenaa raanei ko koe teenaa e hiikaka ana kia Tainui ake ai too reo e kaingaakau ana ki ngaa reo aa iwi maau teenei rauemi moou teenei rauemi. Tainui is the canoe. M kau near Awakino marks the western boundary of Tainui. 2 9 2015. The festival in its 19th year is co hosted by Auckland Council and one of the 19 mana whenua with Waikato Tainui taking over from previous manaaki iwi Te Kawerau a Maki. Dec 01 2011 After shaping the hull at a hill called Titirangi the waka was dragged to Tamatea s village at Whangara. He surfaces some six generations after the Tainui waka landing and a further six before the incursion of their domains by Marutuahu. Those who have migrated south like Ngati Toa and Ngati Koata still belong through Whakapapa to the Tainui waka. Apr 01 2013 Ko Tainui te waka Ko Taupiri te maunga Ko Waikato te awa Ko Waikato te iwi Ko Ng ti Kotara te hapu Ko Turangawaewae te marae He piko he taniwha Waikato Taniwharau My ancestor was the chief at Pukei hua which today is known as Havelock Hill. Recorded for the first time in one place these words and phrases drawn from Tainui contexts and used by Tainui experts were collected specifically for Tainui descendants. The extent of these early excursions established the boundaries of the territory claimed by Tainui and still recognised by all the other tribes today. And it would be remiss nbsp . 11 Aug 2016 Moke can trace his whakapapa from his parents back to Tainui waka. The word Tainui means both Tainui the waka and Tainui the hapu. Hape had arrived first. Some tribal traditions say that Rakataura built an altar tuahu at Maketu on the summit of the small hill behind the existing marae buildings before he 39 and Hoturoa met up again others assert that Hoturoa built the altar there immediately after Tainui was beached. Iwi Hapu Many such as Waikato Pare Hauraki Ngati Raukawa Ngati Whakapapa links for Cowell family photographs . email protected Sep 14 2020 Eruera s world was framed by whakapapa lines of descent tracing from a first surge of energy in the cosmos to thought memory and desire the earth and sky the sun moon and stars the sea winds forests crops and people life forms linked together in a vast all embracing kin network. Nga wangawanga Nga wangawanga ngawawata Kei roto o Te Tiriti O Waitangi Kia kaha Kia kaha ra. Ko Pirongia te Maunga . Tainui continued on to Tauranga the Coromandel Peninsula and Waitemata Harbour. Te Awamutu Historical Society 993 Registering with Waikato Tainui enables us to ensure we can offer you and your whaanau the best services available. The origins of Ngaa Rauru Kiitahi. They wove fishing Ngati tukorehe whakapapa Ngati tukorehe whakapapa Whakapapa is our identity our feet on the ground Whakapapa is the ancestral link which binds all Ng i Tahu wh nau. H. The library has a wealth of information suitable for using as resource material when researching your whakapapa. Wharemaru H. I also have connections to Te Hoe O Tainui through my Grandmother her whanau are the Waikato 39 s and The Timothy 39 s. Look at me. Ko R kaunui te marae. Applicants are also required to state their principal hapu and marae whanau grouping . Hukanui connects ancestrally to the Tainui waka and the maunga Taupiri. Waip te awa. Ko Waikato te iwi. Robertson who drew his examples from Tainui whakapapa and Edward Shortland who compared dates to whakapapa of South Island M ori Robertson 1956 1958 Shortland 1856 . Ng ti He Puna Kupu He Manawa aa Whenua is the first stop for lovers and learners of the Maaori language particularly those interested in Tainui dialect. Nov 18 2019 For example Hoturoa in the Tainui whakapapa is 1275 but Hoturoa in the Hauraki whakapapa is 1325. In fact there are whakapapa manuscripts that state that both of Maru Wharanui 39 s sisters Mihi Rawhiti and Hinepango were married to Hotunuku of the Tainui Waka. Validation can be arranged by Waikato Tainui Registration Staff. R whinia s mother Kuramai i tera was a daughter of Tautara an ariki of Te Atiawa. Toia Mai Te Waka Nei Treaty of Waitangi Toia Tainui Tapotu Launching of voyaging waka NEW Toia Toia Mai Ra metaphorical waka hauling chant NEW Tui Tuia traditional calls for unity Tukua Ahau Sir Howard 39 s love song Each iwi has their own hap sub tribes . Box 2 Tokomaru Bay 4047 As the people of the Tainui waka spread from the harbour over the hills and into the Waikato the bird made its home in Kawhia with an old woman named Parewhaita. N wai r ka tau ki t na tumu i roto o K whia Moana K whia Kai K whia T ngata i te taha hau uru o Te Ika M ui. During Matariki the waka cast a net across the earth gathering all those who have passed in the previous year. Ko na m hioranga ki ng whakapapa me ng mahi wairua ka r ngona ka kitea tonutia ki roto i ng na waiata ka waiatatia tonutia o runga i ng marae maha puta noa i te waka o Tainui otir te motu wh nui. shaw clay shaw lt FALSELY ACCUSED My P tatau Whakapapa Ariki Hapuu Iwi Leader Showing 1 1 of 1 messages 4. Kia Ora Koutou Ko Tainui toku waka ko Waikato Tainui toku iwi ko Taupiri toku maunga ko Waikato toku awa ko Ngati Whawhakia toku hapu ko Te Ohaaki toku marae ko Josh Waru Wetere Paki taku ingoa. T maki Makaurau refers to the greater Auckland isthmus which Tainui has occupied since the arrival of the Tainui waka. Ng ti Maniapoto te iwi. Manuhiri. It is the journey the Tainui waka traversed to Aotearoa starting at Whangaparaoa that is where the waka landed first then following all landings of the Tainui waka all the way to Kawhia moana. However I lay claim to my descent line from Tainui waka When the waka arrived in New Zealand its passengers selected Maket in the Bay of Plenty as its final resting place. Waikato tainui mihi Jan 21 2020 Unlike the one presented today the whakapapa design on it was Tainui. THE STRUCTURE OF M ORI SOCIETY. Pei Te Hurinui Jones rangatira o Ngati Maniapoto Tainui A primary role is to manaaki manuhiri. Date n d From Jones Pei Te Hurinui 1898 1976 Papers Ref MS Papers 5220 079 Description Contains notes on whakapapa from Tainui Aotea Te Arawa from the creation of the universe from Te Kore through to Te Po Nga Rangi through to prominent ance Sep 07 2015 Today the annual Queen Lili 39 uokalani Long Distance Canoe Race wraps for another year. continue Arrival of the Tainui Waka. nz going online at Maaori Tech Showcase Waikato Tainui in partnership with Te Waka nbsp A historic piece of publishing He Puna Kupu He Manawa aa Whenua is the first ever Maori dictionary specific to the Waikato Tainui dialect. Ko Ngati Kinohaku me Ngati Huiao oku Hapu . Ko Waikato te awa. Ko Hauturu O Toi te Motutere Rongonui. In the last month a branch of my whakapapa has begun the process of determining our lineage through two women Tarati Angiangi and Hana Konewa who link us to Tainui waka canoe boats . Nga Iwi o Tainui is a history of the tribes o f their settlemen ant d occupatio on f their rohe their leaders marriages rows vendetta s 39 a sequence of actual event s an d a roll of rea people 39 l i n Biggs words 39 H. The same happened for him as well. HOTUROA. In 1998 the Health Funding Authority at the time approached Brad Grimmer CEO for Mash Trust in Palmerston North and Dennis Emery CEO for Te Runanga O Raukawa Inc. They added the front piece sides sleeping quarters masts and figurehead. We affiliate with both Raukawa Iwi and Ng ti Hinerangi Iwi. Tainui and Taranaki descent. When researching your whakapapa it 39 s helpful to find out from your wh nau what your iwi affiliations are. 31. At the burial site of this child at a place in Hawaiki known then as Maungaroa a great nbsp Tainui Waka canoe its arrival in Kawhia and the establishing of Te Ahurei the acient school of learning. W. Bi lingual. From Hau came Ngati Porou from Ueroa came the genealogical link between Ngati Porou and Ngati Kahungunu Te Aitanga a Mahaki and Tainui Waikato through Mahinarangi. The Tainui canoe was said to have sheltered near the mouth of the M kau River where many people disembarked. Tainui the story of Hoturoa and his descendants. Maniapoto Tainui. Ko Te Arawa Te Waka We wish to refer to the Tainui River Document. 26. M ori connect to a waka wh nau hap and iwi. com . Mokopuna Ora is a partnership between Waikato Tainui and Oranga Tamariki. Ko Tainui te waka. Ah hi Mizo zai nuihzatthlak hrang hrang Mizo funny video Funny video compilation Mizo nuihzatthlak Mizo fiamthu nuihzatthlak KO NGA WAKA TUPUNA. Ko Pianina Kahui McConnell toku ingoa. At the burial site of this child at a place in Hawaiki known then as Maungaroa a great tree grew this was the tree that was used to build the ocean canoe. Gods deities lays the foundation for our physical connections including our familial and social structures. tikanga and whakapapa Dec 06 2011 The famous chief Hoturoa captained the Tainui canoe. waikatotainui. UTU. Sep 15 2020 The whakapapa of Aotearoa 39 s place names as told by Sonny Ngatai Aoteaora New Zealand The most famous story is Kupe discovered Aotearoa but it was his wife who named it. I te tau 2001 27 168 te tokomaha o ng t ngata i hono atu ki Ng ti Maniapoto. Intermarriages between the senior lines of Ng ti Tama and other Taranaki and coastal Tainui tribes forged close relations between these groups. To get us Whakapapa. Ko Ng ti Raukawa he iwi nui kei Waikato tahi e noho ana kei Raukawa moana tahi. searching for Tainui 432 found 648 total alternate case tainui. Tukua quot Kait parent line and whakapapa Tainui M ori Trust Board 1995 9 . Tainui history tells that a sign was seen in the Matariki constalation at the birth of King Koroki. T. 1997. The eponymous figure of Hako heads the genealogical tables without reference to any other ancestors and indeed his appearance is a belated one. Hoturoa has been sailing around the Pacific for more than thirty five years. Its first landfall was at Whangaparaoa on the east coast of the northern North Island. Ko Tainui te Waka . Apply online. Figure 6 A dispute over the whale with those from the Tainui waka who. my father taught us a patere that illustrates the whakapapa of the Tainui waka and clearly shows the close connections between Ngati Toa and Ngati. When the Te Arawa chief Pikiao came to Pirongia and married Rereiao from Waikato they had a son called Hekemaru who later married Heke i te rangi. Although he is aware and familiar with sources for most waka and iwi groupings and specialising in Tainui waka Manukau has some knowledge of most founders of Te Arawa hapuu iwi. Ng ti Toa are Feb 06 2014 The word whakapapa is best understood to mean genealogy the recording and reciting of family connections through the generations. The tangata whenua in their role as kaitiaki guardians are pivotal to the success of the Huntly section of the Waikato Expressway. There it was cordoned off and the tohunga set about completing the vessel. Genealogy. They include Ng ti Maniapoto as well as the tribes of Waikato Hauraki and Ng ti Raukawa. Whakapapa a guide to resources held in the Aotearoa New Zealand Centre For Ngati Maru and descendants of the Tokomaru waka sections include land occupiers cemetery records school rolls Tainui and Taranaki descent. Maki nui Rotu. Hokianga whakapapa I read that the captain of the waka Hoturua met up with Rakataura in Kawhia and they reconciled and then this was where Tainui landed and nbsp The Tainui waka was named for an infant who did not survive childbirth. I m hio wh nuitia m t na matatau ki te whawhai ki te mau taiaha hoki. Ko Ngati Apakura te hapu. The eldest was Hau followed by Ueroa followed by a daughter named Rongomaianiwaniwa. The waka taua is a taonga treasure to Waikato Tainui with a special whakapapa connection to Ngaati Whaatua. to Taharoa K whia gave him a deep connection to his father 39 s whakapapa nbsp 2 Oct 2013 Ngaitai derives its whakapapa from the Tainui waka. Ngati Hako do not relate to fleet waka. This is my journey in discovering my Whakapapa. These people who also had Arawa affiliations had by the sixteenth century become known by the general name Ngaoho. H mi has been involved in various capacities as a project leader writer and researcher in a range of linguistic indigenous M ori knowledge M tauranga M ori and curriculum projects. He Puna Kupu He Manawa aa Whenua is the first stop for lovers and learners of the Maaori language particularly those interested in Tainui dialect. e e kui. a quot tainui quot whakapapa Maori tradition has it that Kupe discovered Ao tea roa somewhere about 950 A. Ski or Snowboard two of NZ s largest Ski areas Whakapapa and Turoa all winter long for action packed family fun all year. Contains the Hetet whakapapa table . The seven waka that arrived to Aotearoa were called Tainui Te Arawa M taatua Kurahaup Tokomaru Aotea and T kitimu. Briefly the key themes from these engagement hui are as follows Rauhihi whakapapa NZ CROWN v. Ko Ngati Maniapoto me Ngati Poro oku Iwi . Here are some additional sources that you might like to try M ori electoral rolls from 1872 to 1969 they recorded iwi and hap names He Puna Kupu He Manawa aa Whenua is the first stop for lovers and learners of the Maaori language particularly those interested in Tainui dialect. Maori tradition has it that Kupe discovered Ao tea roa somewhere about 950 A. Rangitoto te maunga. The Tainui waka was one of the great waka to voyage to Aotearoa from Hawaiiki and is the founding waka of Tainui iwi and hapuu. Phone 06 8645 477. Kahu Kirikiri. Ka tupu i koneki ng hap me ng iwi i heke mai i ng waka. Jones P. 1350 . 25. P tatau Te Wherowhero Whakapapa History Te Aho Son of P tatau TE WHEROWHERO . Tama te kapua turned on one side and beckoned secretly to Whakaoti rangi Ruaeo 39 s wife. Hundreds of people milled around and Te Arawa and Tainui faced each Originally the finest carving was concentrated on magnificent waka canoes used nbsp THE ARRIVAL OF TAINUI WAKA. The final resting place of Tainui is at Kawhia. The arrival dates are estimated assuming the average age of the Rangatira whom captianed the waka was between 30 50. The similarities between the words which describe Dec 28 2011 Whakapapa is the most important asset Where are the main lines we know that they are still in existence can tuku whakapapa back to our tupunas who chose to have a king back in 1860. brought about through common causes and whakapapa connections over 4 or 5 Through the arrivals of the various waka Tainui Aotea Kurahaupo nbsp represented Tainui waka Tainui . Our M ori team placed second in the mixed division and secured a top 10 placing in the double hull. It is made up of kaitiaki who protect and manage the taking of kaimoana There are four principal tribes that comprise the Tainui waka. Our ancestors would weep and lament as Matariki carried their dead into the Awanuiarangi whakapapa Each iwi has their own hap sub tribes . The return of. Mahinarangi the moon glow of the heavens A Tainui saga. 1. O. Ko Pirongia te maunga. They are the principle iwi of the Aotea Harbour iwi with close ties and connections with Ngati Reko Ngati Mahuta Ngati Whawhakia Ngati Patupo Ngati Te Turongo 39 s story includes 39 Mahinarangi 39 the famous East Coast Chieftainess of Kahungunu. Kawhia History Wikipedia The harbour area was the birthplace of prominent M ori warrior chief Te Rauparaha and is known in M ori lore as the final resting place of the ancestral waka canoe Tainui. Whakapapa is our identity our feet on the ground Whakapapa is the ancestral link which binds all Ng i Tahu wh nau. NGAATI WHANAUNGA WHAKAPAPA Tainui Waka and Te Arawa Waka 17. Nov 15 2010 This waka confedera tion originates from Polynesian migrants who arrived in New Zealand on the Tainui waka which voyaged across the Pacific Ocean from Hawaiki to Aotearoa New Zealand some 800 years ago. Mehemea raanei ko koe teenaa e hiikaka ana kia Tainui ake too reo e kaingaakau ana ki ngaa reo aa iwi maau teenei rauemi moou teenei rauemi. The whakapapa genealogy of Ngati Naho is detailed on the graph above as far as it can be traced back to Tipene Te Pou. 5 J Te taura tangata is the chord of kinship that binds people together through whakapapa. He Kai Ta ahau. Tainui whakatauki Thus the myth of the great migration of a fleet of waka to these shores was born. Tainui waka From the Original Whakapapa Club sheree_tm Posts 76 Aotearoa Posted 15 10 2006 I am interested in the reason of Tainui waka landing in Kawhia and The Mahanga of Tainui Waka that Ngati Mahanga is descended from was the son of Tuheitia and was born north of the Raglan Harbour. A tree was felled then raised again by the birds of the forest. the well known legend Rona and the Moon originates from K whia and is identified by Te Puna o Rona Rona s spring. This braid is tightly woven as between Waikato Tainui and the Marutuahu Iwi whose strands Nov 08 2017 Although Maruwharanui was NOT a descendant of Tainui Waka this does not mean that we are not connected with the Tainui people. They travelled throughout the Waikato climbing the many mountains of the region Pirongia nbsp Raukawa whakapapa. Since the first Te Whakangunguru Kaihoe Waka Ama class in 2009 Waka Ama has grown to become a popular and important course said Hone. From the many waka came ngati tribes and hapu or sub tribes . Tainui Rangatahi kia kaha ra. Ngati tukorehe whakapapa Te Ika M ui. Broughton R. Whakapapa genealogy is a fundamental principle that permeates the whole of M ori culture. I roto i ng t tai whakapapa o Tainu waka e m rama mai Jun 02 2020 the final landing place of Tainui waka at K whia where this happened is well known by the locals. Whakapapa o Te Heke Mai Raro 32 Originally our whakapapa from Hoturoa the captain of Tainui waka to our tupuna who settled here were to be included in the whare. The Tainui Te Arawa Mataatua Kurahaupo Tokomaru Aotea and Takitimu are the seven most famous to arrive at this time. Some non maori chroniclers also postulated the theory that our migration was entirely by chance by island wanderers blown off course. He is the son of Wharetoroa and Ngarungatapu Kerr is married to Kim and has five children Namaka Turanga Rangiiria Noenoe and Hinemanu. The name she gave was whaioro nbsp A quot TAINUI quot WHAKAPAPA. N te nga mai o Tainui waka i Whangapar oa ka t mata i reira te tautapa haere a Tainui waka i t na rohe i t na tere i Te Ika M ui. The Tainui waka however was nowhere to be seen. He is acknowledged as building the canoe Ng P rakau o Te Arawa. Living off the land. Ngati Huiao te hapu. Rauru Kiitahi is the ancestor of Ngaa Rauru and it is from him that the tribal name was created. Noo reira i whakahuihuia e Waikato Tainui ngaa kaumaatua me ngaa maatanga reo o ngaa roherohenga o Tainui waka whaanui kia whakaritea teenei taonga hei whakautu i taa koutou karanga. This approach was promoted by a range of researchers and genealogical specialists including J. Aug 01 2009 In practice two generations of whakapapa for the Waikato Tainui parent is considered sufficient. It is part of the Tainui confederation the members of which trace their whakapapa genealogy back to people who arrived in New Zealand on the waka canoe Tainui. Pepeha is a way of introducing yourself in M ori. can he trace to any king maker can he direct his lineage to Hoturoa the main trunk of the tainui waka. e. The 2010 Tainui Waka Kapa Ng ti R rua are descendants of the Polynesian explorers who arrived in Aotearoa aboard the waka canoe Tainui. Pataingia e te Kawana Kerei ki a Potatau Te Wherowhero hei awhina atu ki a ratou engari kaore te whawhai e timata ana. I have started reading the book Tainui Hoturua and his descendants but sometimes find it hard to understand. Ko Tainui me Moekaraka nga waka. Behind the meeting house on Maketu Marae are two large stone pillars which mark the prow and the stern of the great canoe Tainui which carried the ancestors of the people of Hauraki Waikato and Maniapoto. Titiro mai. They wove fishing Whakapapa whanau 2017 24 Two stones here Hani and Puna mark the burial place of the Tainui waka a 14th century ancestral canoe . Nov 13 2019 Tribal Whakapapa Books indicated that Maruwharanui was of the original tangata whenua stock autochthones and was alive around the arrival of the Aotea Waka from Hawaiiki . noun allied kinship groups descended from the crew of a canoe which migrated to New Zealand and occupying a set territory. If you were nbsp 20 Jun 2014 crossed the ocean to land the Tainui waka on the shores of Kaawhia in the inseparable part of our whakapapa and identity. 9 Apr 2019 I was so proud of all four Tainui waka teams that competed. The partnership aims to reduce the number of Waikato Tainui mokopuna entering state care increase the number of mokopuna already in state care being placed within whaanau hapuu and iwi support whaanau into the role of primary caregiver and connect mokopuna to their tribal identity. N reira t n koutou t n koutou t n koutou katoa Whitireia is the mountain. The Deed of Settlement included cash and land valued at a total of 170 million. Amiria Manutahi Stirling is a member of the Ngati Hinekehu a h pu of Ngati Porou. Ko Rereamanu me Te Kauae nga Marae . Postal Address Secretary Whakapapa M ori Charitable Trust P. His descendants settled the Kawhia and Aotea harbour area. T hei Mauri Ora Ko te wehi ki a Ihowa n na nei ng mea katoa. The genealogical table below shows Tai as descending from T rere and Manaakiao. It would hold a very tapu cargo. Applicants are also required to state their principal hap and marae wh nau grouping . Therefore I have decided to include the first writings and reference to the beginning of our Whakapapa through to Kakati and then identifying our waka also the lines of our whakapapa through the Wahine woman maternal lines. 1949 1980 . Ngaati Whanaunga also traces descent to Te Arawa waka. Ride the country 39 s most advanced gondola Sky Waka high above the beautiful Ski or Snowboard two of NZ 39 s largest Ski areas Whakapapa and Turoa all winter Kids holiday programme to meet at Ruapehu College gym on Tainui St for nbsp All iwi who whakapapa to the Tainui waka also maintain whakapapa relationships with the Manukau. Hoturoa names the Waikato River. Waka Tainui Iwi Hapu Many such as Waikato Pare Hauraki Ngati Raukawa Ngati Maniapoto Ngati Haua Ngati Toarangatira Nga iwi o Tainui nga koorero tuku iho a nga tuupuna The traditional history of the Tainui people compiled by Pei Te Hurinui Jones translated and edited by Bruce Biggs. Ko Taupiri te maunga. Ng ti Maniapoto is an iwi tribe based in the Waikato Waitomo region of New Zealand 39 s North Island. 22. This is a Waikato whakatauk that is often used to show the boundaries of the Tainui waka and the special relationship between the people of Waikato and Hauraki. It is to the waka of this period that M ori today trace their whakapapa and iwi. Tainui land once was from Te Arai Wellsford to Mokau in Taranaki. Aileen says I saw it at their house and when he explained it to me I was like wow . She asked her father for a skilled canoe builder and was duly offered the services of Rakataura. Jun 10 2013 The Mahanga of Tainui Waka that Ngati Mahanga is descended from was the son of Tuheitia and was born north of the Raglan Harbour. Tainui New Zealand electorate 65 words exact match in snippet view article Tainui was a New Zealand parliamentary M ori electorate. The coming of Te Arawa and Tainui waka from Hawaiki to New Zealand. 1993. This is a common type of problem illustrating the need for more research to be done as we are trying to get the best listings rather than accept differences. . Hoturoa s wife Whakaotirangi approached her father Memeha o te rangi for help. To commemorate her coronation day Ngaati Pikiao host their annual Poukai. Ko Raukawakawa te moana. the taro planted in K whia by the wife of Hoturoa Kaihaut captain of Tainui waka still grows in the area. TROR based in Otaki regarding a joint venture between two health providers aimed at providing supported accommodation employment and training opportunities for mental health clients. Te K wai Rangatira o Tainui Waka H turoa quot Captain of the Tainui Canoe quot Whakaotirangi M rama kikohura Senior and Junior Wives. 2. Ng ti Koata originates from the waka of Tainui that left Hawa ki and arrived in Aotearoa c. Includes good whakapapa tables. Ko te waiata katoa nei e whakaatu ana i te reo tohunga o ng iwi o Tainui waka M 2006 186 . A printout of the persons registered to each of the 68 Marae will be supplied once annually to each Marae Committee. Ng ti Raukawa have tohunga whakairo whom can whakapapa to all the iwi grouping between iwi and those from Aotea waka had many links to the Tainui . Take care to all. They have been involved with various plans to build a road since 1993. Tautara s whakapapa traces back to the Tainui waka and through to Maniapoto eponymous founder of Ng ti Maniapoto. noun genealogy genealogical table lineage descent reciting whakapapa ka whakapapa pounamu i ng ngaru nui m te waka o Tainui Te Ara 2017 . Ngaa koorero a Matua Te Hira Moana Wharenui I would like to know everyone 39 s version of the landing of the tainui waka and interested of hearing stories from any iwi. Whaioro Tainui Waka meaning. By stark contrast Gudgeon 39 s table stated that Maruwharanui lived 12 generations later and claimed he was of Tainui Descent . Yes Nana. Hoturoa Captain of Tainui Waka who landed in Kawhia on the West Coast. Presentation Kings Church. He iwi nui a Ng ti Maniapoto kei te rohe o Tainui e noho ana. Iwi can trace their entire origins and whakapapa genealogy back to certain waka hourua. The collections celebrate the histories cultures and natural environments of Aotearoa New Zealand the Pacific and Antarctica with special emphasis on southern New Zealand. tainui waka whakapapa